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Do you want to change your blogger blog from http://<yourdomain>.blogspot.com to http://<yourdomain>.com  or dot whatever you want to change it to, I can help you set it up.

Benefits Of Setting Up A Custom Domain Name

1     1.     It gives Your blog a professional look: It is said that first impression matters a lot. If you are still using a sub-domain address, people tend not to take you serious. And it also sends away potential advertisers.

2      2.    It makes your web address easy to remember: A custom domain name shortens the length of your address and thus makes it easy to memorize by blog users.

      3.     It gives you easy access to be approved by Ads Network: A custom domain name not only makes your blog address easy to remember, but also makes Ads networks (like google Ads, Propeller Ads, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, etc)  easily approve you. As most Ad network don’t approve blogs on subdomain.

Benefit Of Having Your Domain Name Setup By Us

11.      Get Your Blog Designed By us: If I integrate the domain name of your blog for you, you will get a free design for your blog by us. Meanwhile, we also offer web design services. Click HERE to learn more

22.      SEO friendly Site: My blog template is both responsive for mobile and web views and Its very User friendly. This helps your blog get better ranking on various search engines. Click Here to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

33.       Get a Template Of Your Choice: Depending on what you want, we can get a template for you tha can be adjusted to feature left or right or both sidebars, thus, creating more space for adverts on your blog.

44.       Increase Your Google Ranking: If we set up your domain name for you, I will use my SEO skills to give your blog better ranking on Google, ie you get to be on first page on Google, when someone searches something related to your blog niche. Check out the Ranking I got on Google and see for yourself.

Yes I am Interested, How Do I Go About It?

If you are interested in getting a custom domain name for your blog address, all you need do is contact us for pricing and other queries@