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Easy guide to Start or Create a Blog for Free using

 I just started my tech blog with partial knowledge then i came across most of the difficulties in my blogging career, I got surprised attacks like Spamming, Click Bombing and lots so. I almost got worried alot. All my hard work gone to trash pit.  Instead of giving up blogging, I make up my mind to spend some more time on blogging training. After 2 months i got myself prepared well armored with blogging techniques. Within short time I applied all techniques what ever known to me almost building successful blog within 3 months with a daily traffic stats are almost 4000+ Sessions and more than 1000 page views daily which is not that easy to achieve within 3 months. I was overwhelmed to hear several students, Housewives, Retired persons and many more are fascinated towards earning money online through blogging. So now I don’t want to waste your time any more for searching blogging guides. I made up my mind to give my well furnished structured tutorials on blogging. I’m going to share with you How to start or create a blog for free with no investment.
 How to Start or Create Blog on Blogger

The first word you will hear when you are about to start blogging carrier is “Blogger”. Here is my foremost tutorial “How to start or create blog on”. I greatly recommend you to start blogging career with blogger because you will get to know the “Perfect definition of blogging”. Make use of this guide to start your blog career. You may wonder after hearing this, The most powerful search engine Google own this decent platform Blogger, Where you can start your own blog without investing a single penny. Blogspot is a free service rendered by Google. To continue through this post you need to have google account(gmail). If you have an active google account follow this post to start or create a blog on blogspot or else create google account and follow me.

 Start or Create a blog using Blogger (

=> Sign in with your google account if you don’t have gmail account click HERE. Soon after, Sign in with your Google account.
=> Now Go to
=> Sign into blogger you will be shown new blog option.
=> Click on new blog and select the Title and address of your new blog.
=> Then click on create blog.
That’s it now you have successfully created your own blog.

Configure your blog by selecting layout and saving it.

Now go to Dashboard  Post and start adding posts. Happy blogging all the very best.
Hope you gone through my guide “How to start or create a blog using” and successfully created your own blog. I highly recommend each and every newbie blogger to start his/her career with it will teach you the basics required to excel in blogging. Begin your war to exists in blog sphere, Introduce your creativity to rest of the world through your blog posts. Get more audience to promote your brand world wide.
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