Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to Schedule Wallpapers on Android for Automatic changes

Do you know that it’s possible for you to schedule wallpapers on android? I know that it might sound weird to most of you, but that’s just the raw truth. You can automatically change wallpapers on android without doing it manually, all you need is to schedule each photos you desire to activate as wallpaper for some period of time.

You can choose to make use of a particular photo for some period of time, when the period set is due, it changes automatically to the next photo and keeps changing automatically for as much as you’ve scheduled it. You can run a daily, weekly or even hourly time set. Isn’t that amazing?

Once you’ve activated this trick, your friends will begin to wonder how you came about it. Anyway, this trick doesn’t power inbuilt functionality on your android device. With the help of a third party application, automatic changes of wallpaper becomes easy in just a single click.

So, want to know my secret recipe to this trick?


Wallpaper changer is the best android app for automatic changes on android wallpapers. This app lets user set changes for wallpapers in a single click, and it comes with an option to set timer for wallpapers and also has option for date schedule.

You might want to know if this got any effect on your battery. The answer is NO. The app doesn’t drain battery because the app is optimized for battery life and performance.
The app also comes with ordered rotation and random rotation features, timer features and some other lovely stuff you’ll get to discover after installing the app.

                                                   Where to download wallpaper changer
click on the link below to download
 Download Wallpaper changer

That’s just it on how to schedule wallpapers on android for automatic changes. Feel free to share the application with your friends; don’t forget to share this post. If you go any say about the app, then drop the comment.

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