Friday, 13 May 2016

How to download paid apps from play store for free

As an android user, chances are that at one point or the other you had read of a nice app and you suddenly rush to Google play store to download the app only to find out that app is not free.

I have been there before and I can tell it’s not a nice experience at all. Well if you have the money to buy the app from the vendor on play
store you should have no issues paying a few dollars for the app after all. But for those who are not too buoyant, you can still download any paid app on Google play store
for free.

This post explains how to achieve this in few steps.


1. Do a Google search and Download the app called GetApk Market. And Install it. Or click here to download it

2. After installation, simply run the
app and then close it.

3. Now navigate to your Google play Store and locate any premium app you will like to download.

4. Then scroll down to where they wrote SHARE THIS and click on it. This will pop up options containing a list of channels you can share to..

5. In the options, Scroll down till you see Getapk among the option. And then click on GET.

6. Then choose first or second link to initial the download and ALLOW it to load and redirect you to the mirror link from where you can download
the premium app for free.

Try this and let’s know if it worked for you Cheers! Kindly share this!

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