Saturday, 30 April 2016

New trick to download YouTube videos in mp3 format

This is another lovely YouTube trick that has been working for some while, but I got to know about it recently, so I decided to share it out here for those of us that might love to download only MP3 from a YouTube video.
Today, I’ll quickly brief you on how you can easily download YouTube videos in MP3 format using the latest trick I’m about to reveal. After the end of this guide, feel free to suggest any other method you’d use to download YouTube videos in MP3 format. For now, I feel this is the best and most recommended.

       How to download YouTube Videos in MP3 Format

1.       Firstly, visit the YouTube video url you want to download as MP3 format, as shown in the image below. i.e “
2.       After that, remove “ube” from the “youtube”. So, using the url I described above, your outcome should look like this “
3.       Next, go to the url and you’ll e directed to a page where you can download the YouTube video in MP3 format.
4.       You also get to choose the quality of MP3 music format you wish to download. You can also download on MP4 formats.
That’s just it on how to download YouTube videos on MP3 music format. Hope you find this article helpful. Please don’t be the stingy type and share this article with your friends on social media. I’ll be glad to share more tricks and tips.

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