Saturday, 30 April 2016

How to save mobile data when using YouTube apk

YouTube app is one of the must-have apps for android smart phones. However, the application comes pre-installed on most android brands as it’s a very useful app for watching videos online. You get your favorite movies, music videos, comedy videos and some other good quality videos on Youtube.
Streaming on YouTube is one of the factors that lead to high data consumption of mobile data. The article would be very useful for general purpose on saving mobile data usage.
Today, I’ll quickly reveal a very short guide on how to save mobile data while making use of the YouTube application to stream videos. Normally, it’s meant to consume much data, but with the process I’m about revealing, consumption is reduced and mobile data is saved. I’m a big fan of most YouTube channel, and according to my data stats on monthly consumption, YouTube is one of the my Top 10 applications with high data consumption, after testing this stuff out, I was able to save much Gigabytes.
How to Save Mobile data on Android while using YouTube Apk
1.       Firstly, launch the YouTube application.
2.       Go to settings >> general on the YouTube application.
3.       Getting to general settings, toggle on “Limit mobile data usage”.
This would help save your device from high mobile data consumption, but High quality HD videos would be streamed over WiFi. It would just display normal quality of every video played on YouTube.

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