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NNU Income Review: How to make upto N50,000 Online Monthly (+ Payment Proof)

NNU Income Review: How to make upto N50,000 Online Monthly (+ Payment Proof)

NNU Income started running from July 2017 and since then, it has been awesome. The first payout was pushed out August 2017, one year ago. And since then, payment is being pushed out on a monthly basis. This program has really been helpful to Nigerian students and people who are looking for ways to make money online.

A lot of Nigerians have really benefited and still benefiting from this and some people have keyed into this business mostly the affiliate system by making it their steady monthly add-on salary. How cool! If you are not part of NNU community yet, you are missing big time. The interesting part of this program is that, its not a quick rich scheme like others. You are rewarded for being part of us and get updated, learn and earn with our topnotch articles, facts and interesting contents.


Reason 1. NNU Income is one of its kind, a news AGRT website that pay members / users/ readers for visiting and contributing to news content. It’s powered by a registered business in Nigeria under CAC. We share our ads revenue with our active readers monthly.

All we have seen in the past are fake scam sites that run for a while and close down later. This is one of the reasons you should join NNU Income. Its reliable, sustainable and profitable.

Reason 2. You earn money when you login to your NNU account, read news update and interesting post daily.

Reason 3. You get informed with daily update across the country. Not only that, we provide you with reasonable information and tips on what you need to know. You can be rest assured that you will always see something to read even from featured post section anytime you logon to NNU.

Reason 4. You earn money by contributing comment on issues (Reasonable and relevant comment) and also create forum topics on the website.

Reason 5. You earn money when you share our sponsored post on Facebook. We assign sponsored post to members on daily basis which they can share on Facebook and also earn for it.

Reason 6. Best of all, you earn a huge 62.5% affiliate commission (1k per referral). I mean you earn N1,000 per each of your friends and family you introduce to NNU community.

Reason 7. Referring people is optional and you must not refer before you earn and get paid (Terms and condition applied). So its up to you if you want to earn and get paid faster and bigger, then introduce few among your friends, because its easy and convincing.

Reason 8. Registration fee / purchasing NNU Income Pack is very very affordable with just N1,600 (zero risk)

Reason 9. The founder and the people behind NNU Income is a Nigerian and a trusted entrepreneur who has already made a good living online and have run a successful network marketing in the past which is still running including Coolnaira network and others.

NNU Income Payment Proof

I joined the program early june and decided to test the program to see if it truly pays. Believe when I say that the system is working. Below is my alert for the last 2 months I've partaken. 

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As a participant, In NNU INCOME PROGRAM, you have many options to earn more money to your bank account every month with NNU.

When you login to your account daily on NNU and spend at least 5-10 minutes on the website browsing and reading news, you earn 50 naira.

  • N50*30days= N1500


You Earn While you Comment On Posts on the site, You earn #2 per comment and you can comment as much as you Can (On different posts). Lets say you comment on 50 posts daily.

  • N2*50 posts * 30days = N3000


You Earn while sharing news/post on NNU to your facebook and twitter account! Sponsored Post Is Given Daily On Each Member's Dashboard To share to facebook & twitter Daily. You Earn  N100 on Each Sponsored post shared.

  • N100*30days = N3000

Aside all these, you can also earn Extra N1000 On each person you register through your link, if you register let's say 1 person daily that's N1000 daily plus other earnings.

  • N1k *30days = 30k

For every article you source or compose for NNU or a compelling forum topic you create you get N100. Let's say you posted 20 of such per month.

  • 20 * N100 = N2000


  • N1500 + N3000 + N3000 + 2000 = N9500
  • WITH REFERRAL 30K + 9500 = N39500

Earning activities amount are not limited to the above mentioned. And is totally dependent on the amount of work you are willing to put in place. Overall calculation is done monthly and shared among all active members. Payment is disbursed on the 27th of every month.!!


Registration fee is N1600. A one time payment. To avoid unnecessary mistakes from new users, we have created a WhatApp group chat that will guide you through the registration process. Follow this LINK to join our group chat.

Alternatively, If you prefer to register by yourself, 
  • Click HERE to goto the official website.
  • On the registration page, fill in your correct details, on the referral box, enter gyrationtechs as referral if not already inputted.
  • Select coupon code as mode of payment
  • NB: You need to buy the coupon code prior to filling the registration form. To get yours contact us via call, sms, or whatsapp on 07016353799.
  • After getting the coupon code, proceed to complete your registration, your account will be activated instantly.
  • Login to your account, click on edit account, fill in your correct details  >> click on save
  • Go to payment settings and fill in your correct bank details (this will be used to send money to your account)
  • In case you need help with anything, contact me via whatsapp on 07016353799.. Or join our support group 


What Does NNU Stands For?
NNU is an acronym of Nigerian News Update. A news publication platform that selflessly shares her revenue with active users, validated and eligible members (NNU Income).

What Does NIP or NIP Package Means?
NIP means NNU Income Program. It’s the program through which NNU shares her revenue with validated and eligible members. NIP Pack or package is a virtual product pack which user purchased in the form on application of becoming a validated members of which members also earns commission from.

Who Are Validated And Eligible Members?
Validated and eligible members are active users that have successfully registered for NIP (i.e NNU income program) through the payment of subscription fee of N1,600, otherwise called NNU Income pack purchase. To become a subscriber, you must purchase NNU Income package which cost N1,600 and partake in NNU activities and also an affiliate. See full FAQs here

NNU Income is very straight forward, easy and understandable you don't need any extra knowledge to participate. To join the moving train, follow this link to join our group chat.

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How to Apply for NG_HUB FbStart Accelerator Program ~ $5000 Funding for Student Projects

How to Apply for NG_HUB FbStart Accelerator Program ~ $5000 Funding for Student Projects

Are you a tech lover? Do you currently have a product you wish to implement or have an idea of a life changing product? Are you a programmer? Are you willing to sacrifice your time and skills for the success of your team/ideas? Then this program is for you. The FbStart Accelerator at NG_HUB is a deep-tech focused accelerator program for visionary and innovative teams using advanced technologies to solve problems in our society and build solutions for the future. 

The research and mentorship-driven program would focus on providing teams with technical and business support and funding needed to optimize their product for growth. It is designed for startup and student teams building solutions that utilize any of these technologies;
✅ Artificial Intelligence (AI)
✅ Data Science
✅ Internet of Things (IoT)
✅ Augmented Reality (AR)
✅ Virtual Reality (VR).

The onsite component of the accelerator is tailored for startup teams who would be physically present at NG_HUB while student teams would have the flexibility of a virtual acceleration program, with the option to work out of partner hubs.

NG_HUB, from Facebook and in partnership with CcHUB (Co-creation Hub), a deep-tech focused innovation lab for entrepreneurs, students, researchers, technologists and other stakeholders building solutions with advanced technologies.

They program is set to run for a period of 6 months.


To be eligible for the program, startups must meet the following criteria:

1. Have a functional product leveraging one of these technologies; Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Science, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

2. Have gained some users/customers.

3. Have a technical lead and founder (s) that are fully committed to the business.

4. Have the potential to disrupt or greatly enhance their focus industries.

Startups that are accepted into the program will receive the following:

1. Equity-free funding: Startup teams would get $20,000 in equity-free funding.

2. Hands-on support: Product development, business strategy & structure, financial management and investment readiness.

3. Access to technical experts and business mentors from the Facebook and CcHUB network

4. An office space with high-speed internet, meeting rooms & more.


To be eligible for the program, student teams must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a BSc., MSc. or PhD student in a Nigerian higher institution as at July 2018.

2. Have an idea, research or product that would leverage one of these technologies; Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Science, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

3. Have a technical lead and founder (s) that are fully committed to the business.

Student teams that are accepted into the program will receive the following:

1. Equity-free funding: 
✅ BSc. students - $5,000. 
✅ MSc. students - $10,000 
✅ PhD. students - $15,000 

2. Hands-on support: Product development, Business strategy & Structure, and Investment readiness.

3. Access to technical experts and business mentors from the Facebook and CcHUB's network

4. Possible access to office space and high-speed internet at partner hubs.

5. A flexible program designed with consideration to your academic obligations.

✅ Application for this program is free (No hidden charges). To apply click on this Link

✅ Deadline for submission of applications is July, 6 2018.

What is The FbStart Accelerator Roadshow
The FbStart Accelerator Roadshow is an event organized by NG_HUB for students in Universities across Nigeria with aim of creating awareness about the Program. So far, they've been to 11 Universities across Nigeria in the last 3 weeks. Few days ago, the event was hosted at the University of Jos. You can Register for the FbStart Accelerator Roadshows here

Still in need of clarifications, you can join the NG_HUB Facebook Group.

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Download DENT Application to get free data on all networks

Download DENT Application to get free data on all networks

This is not a free browsing app or a VPN application. But it's simply an application that offers users free data. The platform is known as DENT Wireless. An app that after downloading and registering you get DENTs worth upto 200MB for free. Read through this post to learn how to get the free data.

DENT Wireless is a company with a mission to tokenize, liberate, and democratize one the most important commodities in our time: mobile data and bandwidth. They are developing mobile apps and a marketplace using Blockchain technology for buying and selling of mobile data packages, which can be direct telecom products, or originating from users that sell unused mobile data packages to each other.

What are DENTs?
DENT Tokens are the universal currency for buying and selling of Mobile Data. You can already use DENTs to buy data from the largest operators of the world, such as AT&T, Verizon, Movistar, Telcel and more.

How to send / buy data?
First you need to select a recipient, either from your address book or by typing in the telephone number manually. After a click on "Choose Offers" you see the available packages from the recipient's operator.

Buying DENTs from within the app
To buy more DENT to be used for Data purchases, just go to your account by clicking on your profile at the top right corner of the app, then Click "Buy DENTs and select the package and pay with PayPal.

You have the option to redeem or cash out your Dents as data. You can also buy Dents with PayPal or refer friends to earn more Dents. You stand a chance to get unlimited data with more dents.


✔️ Download Dent app to your device through this LINK
✔️ After installing, Sign up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
✔️ You will be welcomed with 50 DENTs worth
more than 200 MB on any network.
✔️ To redeem your Dents as data, simply enter your phone number into the "Send Data To" box.
✔️ Finally, select the data amount you want to redeem.

It's very easy, your referral link is there in the homepage. All you need to do is click on "INVITE NOW" and you will see the unique link which you can proceed to share with your friends on social media, forums, etc to get more dents.

So guys, let's take advantage of this free offer to topup our devices with free data. You can also begin to sell data to friends as a way of making more money.

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How to Stream the 2018 World Cup Online For Free

How to Stream the 2018 World Cup Online For Free

32 teams. 64 matches. 1 month of emotions and unexpected turns. That can only mean one thing: the 2018 World Cup is just around the corner. This year’s competition will be hosted in Russia and is expected to be one of the most-watched events of the year. After Brazil’s epic 7-1 loss at the hands of Germany, it’ll be interesting to see whether they can right one of soccer’s greatest upsets.

If you aren’t sure how to stream FIFA 2018 WorldCup live, all you need is a VPN, this handy guide, and maybe a few cold ones.

Wait...what’s a VPN?

Short for virtual private network, a VPN lets you connect to a server in a different city or country -- thereby giving you access to all the sites and services available in that area. For years, people have used VPNs to bypass MLB and NHL blackouts by connecting to servers in areas where games are being shown. Fortunately, you can also use them to access regional World Cup streams around the world. Yup, no need to waste time looking for bootleg (and potentially dangerous) streams online -- you can actually use a VPN to access legit free World Cup streams for anywhere in the world.

How VPNs work

In addition to letting you access sites in different countries, a VPN actually masks your IP address while assigning you a “virtual” one. This means everything you do online will be anonymous and encrypted -- as long as the VPN you’re using is private. An easy way to check whether your VPN is anonymous or not is to see whether it’s a free or paid service: paid VPN services usually host their own server networks, which allows them to provide anonymous connections. Free VPNs, on the other hand, usually run on public servers, meaning they’re often open and unsecured.

Use a VPN to live stream the World Cup for free

While there are tons of ways to stream the world cup with a VPN, we’ll focus on the top three options.

1. Stream from the UK

As the official Fifa sponsor in the UK, the BBC’s ITV has full coverage of all 64 matches and arguably offers the best all-around coverage in the world. What’s more, every match is free to stream (as long as you’re in the UK, that is).

Fortunately, you can use your handy VPN to connect to a server location in the UK and access the ITV player instantly.

2. Stream from Australia

Another great (and free) option is to use your VPN to connect to an Australian server location and stream via The World Game website. While this site naturally focuses on all Australian games, you can also catch a lot of other matches, including a random “match of the day” option.

And then there’s Australia's own Optus network, which gives you inside access to all 64 matches. The service is usually $14 AUD a month, but you can sign up for 14-day free trial to catch as many live games as you can. Be warned, though: you may need to set your alarm as the start times may be a little off.

3. Stream from the US

And finally, you can use a VPN to access US streams via FOX Sports. With access to every match, as well as behind-the-scenes coverage, FOX is easily the go-to streaming service for American coverage. Note that you’ll need to provide a valid US cable provider’s information in order to stream, though you could probably use your Dad’s/friend’s/neighbor’s login info if you agree to buy them dinner.

 The Russia 2018 World Cup is scheduled to kick-start today with host (Russia) playing against Saudi Arabia 4:00pm Nigerian time. Take advantage of this live stream feature, and enjoy the fun that the World Cup brings. Meanwhile you can also opt to change your IP address manually. Here is a link containing 80 anonymous IP addresses you can choose from.

Guest Post by
Mabel Kelly

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Upcoming Device: Infinix Hot 6 Pro To Feature Dual Rear Camera

Upcoming Device: Infinix Hot 6 Pro To Feature Dual Rear Camera

Infinity Mobility are currently on the verge of unveiling a new device dubbed Infinix Hot 6 Pro which will be launched alongside the Hot 6 budget smartphone from.

The Hot 6 Pro will come with improved features than it’s little brother, including bigger internal storage space and RAM size. The device is expected to follow the trend of full view smartphones with 18:9 aspect ratio.

This is coming just months after the Hot S3 midrange device was launched in Nigeria. The Hot 6 Pro packs dual rear camera, houses a Snapdragon chip, an octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and runs on Android 8.1 Oreo out of the Box.


・Network: GSM / WCDMA / LTE
・3G Support: Yes
・4G Support: Yes
・Number of SIM Card: 2 (Nano)
・Dual SIM Support: Yes

・Material Type: Metal
・Dimensions: 154.4 x 72.2 x 7.8 mm
・Colour: Red, Gold and Black
・Weight: 145g

・Screen Type: HD+ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
・Size: 5.7-inch
・Resolution: 720 x 1440 pixels
・Pixel Density: 282ppi
・Screen to Body Ratio: %

・Operating system: Android 8.1 Oreo
・Processor: Octa-core 1.4GHz
・Chipset type: Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430
・Graphics Processing Unit: Adreno 505

・Memory Card slot: Yes, up to 128GB
・Internal storage: 32GB

・Back Camera: 13MP + 2MP
・Front Camera: 8MP
・Back Flash: Yes, dual-LED
・Front Flash: Yes

・Wifi Hotspot: Yes
・Bluetooth: Yes
・Fingerprint Sensor: Yes (Rear)
・Sensors: accelerometer, proximity, ambient light, gyroscope, compass
・USB: type C
・GPS: Yes
・3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes

・Capacity: 4000mAh
・Type: Li-Ion
・Standby Time: –
・Talktime: –
・Fast Charging: Yes

• Launch: May, 2018
• Availability: Coming Soon. May, 2018

• To be updated

Saturday, 28 April 2018

How I earn free Airtime For sharing Opera News App download Link

How I earn free Airtime For sharing Opera News App download Link

I downloaded the Opera News App few days ago, and have earned over N500 for just sharing links. If you haven't heard of the app, then allow me introduce you to the Opera News App that are currently on a referral program that rewards both the referral and the referred customer. You earn free airtime for just downloading the app and subsequently for sharing your referral link.

Opera news application is an app introduced to help deliver first hand news around you and the world in a faster and more user friendly interface. The app already recorded over 5 million downloads courtesy of this free airtime and Referral bonuses.

The app delivers trending news on several categories including politics, technology, celebrity updates, sports, lifestyle and lots more. They launched the Opera news to entice many customers to their app.

The referral feature gives N100 airtime bonus instead of the previous N50 to referrals. While the person you refer now gets N50 instead of the previous N25 airtime given sometime ago.

Now, follow these simple procedure to get yours.
✔️ First of all, download the Opera News App from HERE.
✔️ You will get free N50 airtime for downloading the app
✔️ Then, to enjoy N100 and above, you need to refer someone else with your link.

If you refer 10 people, you would get a whooping N1,000 airtime that can be used for data subscription and calls. It’s a normal airtime that can be recharged via VTU method. You can as well use the ID changer trick to boost your earnings.

Open your Opera news app, go to your earning dashboard and tap on “Buy Airtime“, then enter your Phone number and select the amount of money to withdraw, then tap on “GO” and you will be recharged immediately through VTU.

Open your Opera news app, go to your earning dashboard and tap on “Invite Friends“, then share to Facebook, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other place of your choice.

When you share the link, your post will appear like this message below:

I just downloaded Opera News and got ₦100 of free airtime. You can get the same here (

Some have been enjoying this for weeks now. I wonder why I didn't see it sooner. No dulling, hurry now and download yours and start earning free airtime.
Airtel 150% Data Bonus - Get 1.8GB For N500

Airtel 150% Data Bonus - Get 1.8GB For N500

Airtel is currently giving some selected subscribers a whooping 150% bonus on data. Of course we all know Airtel with their eligibility issue. So this offer is not for everyone as it is Sim selective.

With Airtel 150% bonus data, you will be getting 1.8GB for N500 which is unlike the double data plan. Remember, you can also get 500MB for N200, 1.8GB for N500 and 3.75GB for N1000 with an additional 1GB on activation of the regular Android bundle of 750MB for N500 and extra 2.25GB on activation of Android bundle of 1.5GB for N1000 in this offer.

Also remember that you can get 10 times bonus on calls and data on Airtel Smartrecharge. Having said that, let's proceed to the main reason for this post.

How To Activate Airtel 1.8GB For N500

✔️ Like I said earlier, this plan is not for everyone. It's for selected users on the Airtel network.

✔️ First of all, if you received a text like the one below, then you are automatically eligible;

FREE 150% Data Bonus, Just For You! Get 1.8GB for just N500 valid for 14 days. Hurry, dial *418*2# now to enjoy this amazing offer everyday for 6 months.

Features Of The Data
1. Data bonus validity is two weeks.
2. 150% bonus eligibility is 6 months
3. To check your data balance, dial *140#.

Did you receive the message? Let us know your journey so far with the data offer.

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Tecno Camon X and Camon X Pro Specifications And Price

Tecno Camon X and Camon X Pro Specifications And Price

Tecno Camon X and Camon X Pro was launched by Tecno Mobile early this month. Both phones shared almost the same specifications and features. In this post, we will be looking at the complete specs of Tecno Camon X and Camon X Pro.

Both device feature the same OS, battery capacity, design, screen size and processor but difference in terms of camera, display resolution, RAM, storage and price.

The Camon X has two versions, 16GB storage and 32GB storage options, both with 3GB of RAM, and are bezel-less in their design. There's a 20MP clear selfie camera and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Conversely, Camon X Pro has 64GB internal storage, 4GB of RAM, 24MP clear selfie camera, face ID, fingerprint sensor and 16MP rear camera with ring flash.


NETWORK: 2G: GSM, GPRS, EDGE 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G: UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
SIM Type: Dual SIM

OS: Android 8.1 Oreo + HiOS 3.0

Weight: Not Specified
Display: 6 inches, 1440 x 720 pixels (2160 x 1080 pixels for Camon X Pro), 18:9 ratio, 2.5D Curved glass, IPS LCD display

Dimensions: 158.6 x 75.8 x 7.8 mm / 157.95 x 75.2 x 7.8 mm(Camon X Pro)
Sensors: Fingerprint, Face ID, Accelerometer, Proximity, Ambient Light, E-Compass, G-Sensor
Colours: Champagne Gold, Midnight Black, City Blue / Midnight Black, Bordeaux Red (TECNO Camon X Pro)

Processor Type: 64-bit Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53
Processor Name: Mediatek MT6763 Helio P23

RAM: 3GB / 4GB (TECNO Camon X Pro)
Internal Storage: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB (TECNO Camon X Pro)
External Storage: microSD

Rear: 16 megapixels, auto-focus, ring flash
Video recording: 1080 @ 30fps
Front-facing: 20 megapixels / 24 megapixels, dual flash (TECNO Camon X Pro)

Music Support: MP3/WAV/eAAC+ player
Loudspeaker: Mono
Video Support: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
FM Radio: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: microUSB v2.0, USB-OTG

Charging: Lightning Charge
Battery Type and Capacity: Li-Ion 3750mAh

Announced: April 5, 2018
Availability: April 2018

Camon X: N58,900
Camon X Pro: N68,000
Features of Google Go App. A lighter and Faster version

Features of Google Go App. A lighter and Faster version

Google Go is a lighter version of Google Search, which was launched early this month by Google. The app has been designed to work on low end Android devices. It is fast, and has been optimized to save up to 40% data.


✔️ With the new Google Go app, you can now search more faster, explore the web more easily and save your data. The app will henceforth be preloaded on Android Go devices in place of the regular app.

✔️ Google Go works perfectly on slow internet connection, works on slow space Android phone. The app is just 5MB in size. The app also have a voice input to say what you are looking for.

✔️ You will get updated with what is happening, explore popular and trending topics just by tapping Search.

✔️ The Google Go app has a data usage feature. Once enabled, it will help load a lighter version of websites using Google’s Weblight project.

✔️ The app came preloaded with some languages. You can easily switch between languages. You can also set a second language to switch your search results to and fro at the same time.

✔️ Find the perfect greetings to share with loved ones. Tap on “Images” or “GIFs” to find the best photos and animated greetings to liven up your chats.


✔️ Google Go app is not available in all countries yet. But if it is available in your country, You can download the Google Go app via this link.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Oppo F7 with 6GB RAM | Specifications, Features and Price

Oppo F7 with 6GB RAM | Specifications, Features and Price

Oppo F7 has just been unveiled by Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo. The phone spots a 6.23-inches screen which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The Oppo F7 is 4G enabled, and has a rear-mounted fingerprint built in aluminum and Glass. The device comes running on Android 8.0 Oreo straight from the box. The front camera has a 25MP setting while the rear camera is 16MP with flash.

The Oppo F7 is powered by a Non-removable Li-Ion 3400 mAh battery and operates on Chipset CPU Octa-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53). It comes in two variants, one with 64 GB ROM, 4 GB RAM while the other with 128 GB ROM, 6 GB RAM.


  • 2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – SIM 1 & SIM 2
  • 3G bands HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100
  • 4G bands LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 8(900), 38(2600), 40(2300), 41(2500)
  • Speed HSPA, LTE
  • GPRS Yes
  • EDGE Yes

  • Dimensions 156 x 75.3 x 7.8 mm (6.14 x 2.96 x 0.31 in)
  • Weight 158 g (5.57 oz)
  • Build Front glass, aluminum body
  • SIM Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)

  • Type LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Size 6.23 inches, 96.9 cm2 (~82.5% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Resolution 1080 x 2280 pixels (~405 ppi density)
  • Multitouch Yes
  • Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • – ColorOS 5.0

  • OS Android 8.0 (Oreo)

  • Chipset Mediatek Helio P60
  • CPU Octa-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
  • GPU Mali-G72 MP3

  • Card slot microSD, up to 256 GB (dedicated slot)
  • Internal 64 GB, 4 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6 GB RAM

  • Primary 16 MP, f/1.8, phase detection autofocus, LED flash
  • Features Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama
  • Video 1080p@30fps
  • Secondary 25 MP, f/2.0

Read: Other OPPO devices to checkout

  • Alert types Vibration; MP3, WAV ringtones
  • Loudspeaker Yes
  • 3.5mm jack Yes
  • – Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic

  • WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiFi Direct, hotspot
  • Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP, LE
  • GPS Yes, with A-GPS
  • Radio No
  • USB microUSB 2.0, USB On-The-Go

  • Sensors Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, proximity, compass
  • Messaging SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email
  • Browser HTML5
  • – MP4/H.264 player
  • – MP3/WAV/eAAC+/FLAC player
  • – Document viewer
  • – Photo/video editor

  • Announced 2018, March
  • Status Coming soon. Exp. release 2018, April

  • Non-removable Li-Ion 3400 mAh battery
  • Charging Fast charge

  • Price About 270 EUR / $336 USD.
Forgot Your Android Phone Password? Here is How to Unlock It

Forgot Your Android Phone Password? Here is How to Unlock It

Most times, in an attempt to keep our phones secure and prevent anyone from prying into our personal lives, we tend to lock our smartphones. Some use pattern lock, password, fingerprint, face lock etc. It is natural to sometimes forget your password. It happened to me once. Thanks to my little knowledge of phones I was able to remove the lock without paying anyone a dime. But sadly, I lost all the files on my phone. But it is ultimately a fair price to pay for being careless.
unlock any android smartphone lock

If you've forgotten your phone lock combinations, then you need not worry because today I'll show you 2 easy ways to remove the lock. You don’t have to pay some phone repairer to get your whole smartphone reset. Keep that money and learn some few tricks for yourself.

How To Unlock Your Android Phone

First Method:
Step 1: We are using your Google account to unlock your phone. You need an internet connection. If you have tried unlocking your phone several times and there is a message like “Try again in the next 30 seconds”, at the bottom right there should be a “forget pattern” message there. Click it.

Read Also: How to recover lost/cleared notifications on android

Step 2: After clicking it, type in your Google account details correctly. Both username and password which are attached with your device already and sign in.

Step 3: After you must have signed in, you would be required to choose a new pattern/password/pin for your device. Simple and you are done!

Note: You have to note that you can only use this method of you have an internet connection.

Second Method
Step 1
: Turn off your phone. After turning it off, you would hold all these following buttons together at the same time.

Step 2: Hold down the “Volume up + Home Key/Middle key + Power Button” together. For phones that do not have any home button or middle button, just hold down the “Volume Up Key + Power Key”. After doing this, your phone enters into recovery mode.

Step 3:  On the next screen that shows up you would see about four (4) options. Just click on “Factory Reset” >> “Delete all User Data” and select it. (Use the ” Home button” or Power button to select and use the Volume up/down to scroll).

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Step 4: After doing all of that, go down and select “Reboot Phone”. This reboots the device without pattern/password locks.

Note: All your files will be lost using this procedure. Also, it does not require online connectivity to work.

As simple as that.If you experience any problem, feel free to ask below in the comment section. We promise to help you out ASAP.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Android 8 Oreo Update now Available for Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro

Android 8 Oreo Update now Available for Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro

As promised, Infinix Note 4 are now receiving Android 8; It was announced a week ago by Infinix. According to the info, Note 4, Note 4 Pro and Zero 5 will receive Android 8 oreo OTA update, but infinix Note 4 couldn’t wait for that date to come before the roll out.

A lot of users have already received the updates on their Note 4, some have installed it while some are yet to install it. Note that there is bound to be a bug at first installation of this update but Infinix will possibly roll out a system update to fix the bug.
Like I said earlier, before you update;

1. Make sure your device is not rooted otherwise it will get bricked
2. Make sure you have a back up of your current firmware should in case the need arise to downgrade your device if the update contains bugs
3. Ensure your phone battery is atleast 95% charged
4. You need upto or more than 2GB to download the update


✔️ Firstly, Go to settings > About > System update. Then search for an update. If an update is available;
✔️ Click on download and install
✔️ Once download is complete, restart your device & install
✔️ Wait for your device to boot into recovery mode and install the update. Do not interrupt the installation process.
✔️ Once the update is complete, your Infinix Note 4 X572 will reboot and you’ll have Android 8.1.0 oreo running on your device with the latest version of XOS.

That's about all the steps involved to update Note 4 to Android 8 Oreo.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

How to Get 500% Data Bonus + Free 10GB Data ~ Ntel Wawu Sim

How to Get 500% Data Bonus + Free 10GB Data ~ Ntel Wawu Sim

Remember Ntel, well they are looking to gain more subscribers with the launch of their wawu sim promo which was unveiled by the company few weeks ago, it offers all subscribers a massive 10GB of data + 500% double data bonus when you subscribe to any data plan on Ntel. You also get a cheap call rate of 8kb/sec from the bonus you get after the data purchase.

In addition, you get 1GB of data when you purchase Ntel wawu SIM. The 1GB free data is valid for the next 48 hours after purchase. And on the second sim, you'll also get free 10GB data and is valid for 30 days.

The free 500% data bonus which you get when you buy a data plan is valid for a year. For instance if you subscribe for their month data plan, N500 which is 1GB, you'll receive 6GB data, N1000 subscription which is 2GB will give you 12GB and the same applies to the voice and other data plan.

You can also enjoy unlimited 2 days night plan for N500. Unlimited 7days night plan for N1500 and 30 days for N5000. The 8kb/sec cheap call rate is also valid for a year and applies to all outgoing calls to every call networks in Nigeria.

If Ntel network speed is good in your location, then you should consider this offer because it's like the best for now. This offer will last till 30th of April 2018. What do you think about this offer?

Friday, 9 March 2018

Meet world's thinnest 10000mAh display device ~ HOMTOM HT70

Meet world's thinnest 10000mAh display device ~ HOMTOM HT70

Homtom are gradually stepping up their game with the official launch of Homtom HT70, world's first thin smartphone with 10000mAh battery. The Homtom HT70 sports a 6″ HD+ display with 18:9 aspect ratio and minimum bezels, so small that it can easily be considered as a “bezel-less” device.

It comes with onboard storage of 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM expandable upto 128GB via SDcard. Built on Mediatek MT6750T Octa-core processor 1.5GHz. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, dual rear camera (16MP + 5MP) + 13MP front facing camera. It will be powered by 10000mAh battery capacity that supports 9V/3Afast charging.

Homtom HT70 also supports Fingerprint ID and OTG reverse charging. This is not just a device that promises you absolute gaming experience but the world thinnest 10000mah full display phone.


✔️ BRAND – HomTom

✔️ MODEL – HT70

✔️ ALTERNATIVE NAME – HomTom HT70 4G Phablet

✔️ DEVICE TYPE – Android 4G Smartphone

✔️ CPU – 4 x 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4 x 1.0GHz ARM Cortex-A53 CPU Clock

✔️ Chipset – MediaTek MT6750T, 64-bit Processor

✔️ GPU – ARM Mali-T860 MP2, 650MHz, 2-Cores

✔️ CAMERA – 16 Megapixels f/2.8 + 5 MP with the Single-LED flashlight and AF Rear Camera | 13 Megapixel f/2.8 Front Camera

✔️ MEMORY – RAM- 4GB LPDDR3, 833MHz | ROM 64GB External Memory Support Up to 128GB (Uses SIM 2 Slot)

✔️ DISPLAY – Screen size 6.0 inches HD+, IPS, LCD Display (1440 x 720 Pixels), 18:9 Aspect Ratio

✔️ BATTERY – Non-Removable 10,000 mAh Lithium-Polymer

✔️ SIM – Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano SIM + Nano SIM/microSD), Dual Standby

✔️ SENSORS – Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Geomagnetic

✔️ COLOR – Black, Silver

✔️ OS – Android 7.0 Nougat OS
I/O Interface – 1 x Nano SIM Card Slot, 1 x USB Type-C, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Power Button, Volume Button, Microphone, Speaker


✔️ WEIGHT – g (with Battery)

✔️ FEATURES – Aluminium Alloy and Plastic Body Design, LTE Cat-6, HD+ Full View display, HSPA+ GPRS, EDGE, GPS, GLONASS, Fingerprint Scanner, Bluetooth, Type-C USB, Triple camera setup, dual sim, front flash, Wi-Fi, MIC, Speaker, 100-240V 9V 3A AC adapter, Fast Charging Technology, OTG Support.

✔️ PRICE - To Be Announced.
Jobs: Infinix are currently recruiting users to become Beta Testers

Jobs: Infinix are currently recruiting users to become Beta Testers

Are you a lover of infinix Mobile? Are you currently using any of infinix smartphone? Well, Infinix is currently looking for tech enthusiasts, super passionate in android world and also have good suggestions for Infinix products and its future.

As a beta tester, you get the opportunity to try out Infinix products before anyone else and get the chance to pass on recommendations to the product team. You get invites to exclusive elite testers meetups, free gifts and the chance to join the Infinix team at various events.

In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents which could lead to a chance of you officially partnering with Infinix on personal projects.

Interested users should follow this link and fill it the form appropriately. Once you are done, wait until when you’ll be contacted by the Infinix team.

Good luck to those who will be applying.